AR15 forums and Web related Articles to AR-15 Rifles

AR15 forums and Web related Articles to AR-15 Rifles

Help me decide on AR-15?
Hey, new here and was looking for help on buying a new AR-15. I have looked at several models but don't know which to choose. First choice is a RRA.
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Ar15 pistol kit
Kit w/A2 Butt Stock. All parts necessary to complete a stripped AR15. Kit. Bolt Rehab Kit includes all parts necessary to rebuild an AR15/M16. ...

AR-15 Reading List - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information ...
Can everything one needs to know about the AR-15 be found on the Internet? While it is true that the Internet is the best starting point to learn.
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AR-15 Purchase -
AR-15 Purchase General Discussion. ... Originally Posted by jdubois View Post. How is somebody in MA supposed to buy a brand new Colt AR15? Jdubois... what did I say that was incorrect? I know you are right, but help me understand the ... -


You are bidding on a brand new Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 Rifle. It is the M&P-15 Standard Model chambered in 223/5.56. While most manufacturers "rushed" into ...


WTB: AR-15 LPK's (CA) - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD ...
I'm looking for 4 AR lower parts kits. If anyone knows of an in-stock, non-gouging source please let me know. Thanks, AJ.
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WTB: AR15 Bob Sled -
WTB: AR15 Bob Sled WTB (Want To Buy)/Services Offered Forum. -