AR-15 rifle kits and parts.

AR-15 rifle kits

16" Rifle kit Sale

Complete line of AR-15 Rifle Kits that CAN be shipped directly to your door.

Please Remember:  This is NOT an operational firearm until you assemble your lower receiver, you will need a lower receiver to complete all kits.  Please check with your local dealer for more info on how to obtain this item along with local laws concerning your purchase.

The AR-15 Rifle kits are head spaced, and ready to mount to your lower receiver.  Once you assemble your lower with the parts provided in the kit, and mount the upper,  this is an operational firearm 5.56 mm NATO Chambered Rifle.

Our kits are currently in use around the country with various SWAT, SRT, Police Departments, Government Employees, SOG units, Military Members, and private citizens.

We use forged front sight base (not cast), A-2 sight post (not A-1), sling swivel rivet (not roll pin), heat shields in hand guards (A-2 and CAR), Military contract upper, A-2 pistol grip, carrier assembly, buttstock assembly and charging handle. These kits include Coltfi contract fire control parts, delta ring, gas tube, and buffer.  All barrels are bored to 5.56mm for use with either .223 caliber or 5.56mm ammo.  We use chrome moly Hbar barrels with 1 X 9 twist for our rifle kits and stainless 1 in 8" or 1 in 10" barrels for our bull kits. We can also customize your order with a wide selection of barrels and parts available from various manufacturers.  Please call or send us an e-mail if you do not see the configuration that suits you.  We choose only the finest materials and provide care down to the last detail of assembly. These kits are of the highest level of quality and we proudly guarantee every one sold.

ALL Rifle Kits include:   All parts to turn your stripped lower receiver into a functional rifle.

AR-15 Parts kits include: Bolt, Bolt Carrier, ( Chrome lined Bolt Carrier ) Charging Handle, Handguards, Gas system components, Front Sight or Gas Block, Choice of Buttstock, Internal Lower Parts Kit, A-3 Flat top, or A-2 Upper Receiver, Barrels that have been Headspaced, Buffers, Buffer tubes, A-2 Flash hider.  Pre ban comes with threaded barrel and choice of flash hider or muzzle brake and  bayonet lug.

The upper is completely assembled for a factory quality finish and to ensure functionality.


 Our Build Time:   Varies depending on upgrades and parts.