Links to more sites that may come in handy .  Also links to more information Links to online Forums to ask questions get some answers from

 THR they have an open forum to many topics including military rifles, and an overall forum on what's happening in the world of firearms today. A forum for the Hunter in all of us.  Great place to get a feel for all forms of hunting.

 Arms Vault  Forum and reviews of Pistols and Rifles.

 AR-15 rifle Vault  AR-15 rifle vault Product reviews on different accessories and new products.

 Down Range TV   forum to ask questions and find some info.  Become a member its free! Links to other sites that offer products  Place to find parts for full auto rifles.

AR15 Discussion Forum of the, AR, AR15, AR-15 and Black Rifle Enthusiasts.  Weapons, Full Auto, AK-47, Armory, Second Amendment Rights, Military, Law Enforcement, Survival Discussions, Tactical Weapons, Tactical Training. Visit our AR-15 Armory Forums for any Discussion or Technical Questions you may haveAnother discussion forum dedicated to Semi auto rifles and more.

The Firing Line A user friendly forum for firearm holders. The information for California gun owners

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