80% percent Jig set for AR15 style 80% lower receivers

80% percent jig for AR15 style 80% lower receivers.

80% percent jig for AR15 and LR308 DPMS style 80% lower receivers  This jig takes the guess work out of drilling the hammer pin hole, trigger pin hole, selector hole, and the internal area pocket.  Includes the master plate, two side plates, 3 top plate guides, screws for mounting the master plate to side plates, and screws for the top guide plates.  The side plates mount into the front pivot pin and the rear takedown pin holes and are held by the master plate for perfect alignment.  The top guide plates mount to the master plate as a guide for cutting of the internal pocket area.  Plates are marked for the order of operation and depth for each step.

This is by far the easiest Jig set ever put together for 80 percent lower receivers.

We now have them for both the AR15 and LR308 type lower.

YES, We have the determination letter from BATFE making these LEGAL 80% receivers.


This is the AR15 style Jig set pictured above..