5.56 and .223 Mags.

AR-15 and M-16 rifle Magazines

AR-15 and M-16 Magazines come in 5 round, 10 round, 20 round, and 30 round capacity. 
Due to laws in some areas, Some Restrictions may apply.  We can not ship to the following areas
All mags:   New York City, NY 
Over 10 rounds:   California (all)  Hawaii (all)  Massachusetts(all) New York (all)
Over 12 rounds:   Chicago, IL (all)
Over 15 rounds:   Aurora, IL  New Jersey (all)  South Bend, IN
Over 20 rounds:   Maryland (all)
Since all this has changed a bit, we will check with current law before shipping. 

Many of the products we sell are legal to own in all areas, however some of the states, cities, counties, and towns have restricted the sale of some magazines. We do our best to honor the individual restrictions based on the billing and shipping zip code provided when the orders are placed.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser, you, to check your local laws before ordering products.  We reserve the right to refuse orders that may involve the sale of magazines based on restrictions.

AR-15 Magazines 5 round capacity

AR-15 Magazines 5 round capacity.  With Magpul Anti tilt Follower, CS Spring.

AR-15 Magazines 10 Round Capacity

AR-15 Magazines 10 Round Capacity.  With Magpul Anti tilt Follower, CS Spring.

AR-15 Magazines 30 Round Capacity

AR-15 Magazines 30 Round Capacity with Magpul Follower and CS Spring.