Flat Top Upper receivers and parts

Flat Top Upper receivers and parts for AR-15 and M-16 Rifle

Upper receivers and parts, for the A-3, A-4, 9mm, AR-15, M-16 style upper receivers.

Upper receivers and parts for the AR-15 M-16 Rifle.  Parts include, charging handles, tactical latches, two finger tac latch, ambi tac latch, and more.

AR-15 M-16 Upper receiver with M4 Feed Ramps info


A-3 A-4 Flat-top Upper

Stripped A-3 A-4 Upper receiver or we can complete it for $15.00 More.

Charging Handle

Charging handle.

AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Assembly

 AR-15 Bolt Carrier Assembly.

AR-15 M-16 Bolt Assembly

AR-15 M-16 Bolt Assembly

Extractor Upgrade Kit

Extractor Upgrade Kit.

Bolt Carrier Rebuild Kit

Bolt Carrier Rebuild Kit.

Firing Pin

AR-15 Firing Pin.

AR-15 Titanium Firing Pin

AR-15 Titanium Firing Pin.