AR-15 buttstocks and Articles for AR-15 Rifles 12/07/2009

December 07, 2009

WTB: AR 15 type rifle - Central Valley Riders
6 months and i go off to basic training for the marines!! wanted to know if anyone has a slightly used AR 15/M16 type rifle for sale?? lemme know ...


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CMMG AR-15 LE II piston rifle -
CMMG AR-15 LE II piston rifle: good rifle? thoughts?


[Want To Sell] NEW CMMG AR-15 stripped lower
By MagicMan
I've got $190 in it (after FFL transfer fee) I won't be building another AR anytime soon so it can't hurt to try to put the money elsewhere for now,
Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association -


Anyone own a 300 ultra mag?? - Duramax Diesels Forum
By custom8726
... can't wait to tag something 600+ yards out with it. Well I am on the subject of guns, I also picked up an AR-15 recently that needs a scope, any suggestions on a solid but reasonably priced scope? I dont plan on hunting with it but it would be nice to actually hit a target or something ..... IDK, but heres a pic Most of my guns are for hunting so I never had the need for an assault type rifle, but the price was right and it looked cool IMHO Just need a couple mods now ...


UtahConcealedCarry.Com • View topic - New to forum...and Bountiful
By ranger45
Strategic Tactical Group LLC Certified instructor for Utah CFP, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, ASP and Camlock Baton, MACE Glock, AR-15 and Mossberg Armorer
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Canadian Press as Misguided as American Mainstream Media ...
By Peter Suciu
An AR-15 is a semi-automatic, civilian version. But if it was a more dangerous weapon why wasn't it used for hunting? The reason is that it is better at close range, while a hunting rifle is better at a distance. ...


Gun Websites: Two Gas Piston AR15 - Robinson XCR vs L.W.R.C. M6-A2
By The Team at Tucson Websites
We take a look at a Robinson Armament XCR-L Modular Rifle along side an L.W.R.C. M6-A2 Two gas piston AR-15 type rifles. We take a look at them and talk about simmilarities and differences. ...


AR-15 Kit Recommendation - DefensiveCarry Concealed Carry Forum
By Jetpilot007
I am very interested in buying an AR-15 complete kit and receiver. I would appreciate any recommendations as to where I can purchase a kit online or.