AR-15 buttstocks and Articles for AR-15 Rifles 12/09/2009

December 09, 2009

ar15 question Sniper's Hide Forums
Ive been seeing people here with ar15 with what it looks like ten inch barrels can someone point me to the direction where I can purchase a ar or just the ...


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SANCTE PATER: Guns riding high on holiday gift lists
By Vincenzo
Unlike the air rifle, this gun won't sit under the Christmas tree, he said. But it would be a family gift that he, his wife and his 24-year-old son, all trained in shooting, could use to protect their St. Petersburg home. ... like having a shield," said Tony Orifici, a salesman at Dunedin's Florida Survivalist gun shop. "Grandpa wants a shotgun. Mom wants a revolver. ... We had a family come in and buy an AR-15, a shotgun and two handguns, one for each of them..." ...


Avoiding legal traps by Massad Ayoob - Weapons Cache Forums
By Matt
Some states, counties, and cities have banned certain firearms as “assault rifles;” it would be most unwise of you to bring your AR15 and a dozen 30-round magazines to a rifle match in such a jurisdiction. ...


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YouTube - Ar-15
Shooting a AR-15 10rds. ... AR-15 w/ .22LR conversion kit and suppressor. 53406 views. 87bu11seye87 · Climb This Added to. Quicklist15:06 ...


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