AR-15 buttstocks and Articles for AR-15 Rifles 12/22/2009

December 22, 2009

New to this electronic networking. - Tennessee Gun Owners
By Jack Brickhouse
My wishlist in order of wanton consists of a Ruger .357, Mossberg 835, Remington 700 .308, .223 AR15, and .45 Kimber Custom II. Hey, it's wish list. That doesn't mean I'm going out tomorrow and purchasing all them. ...

Anybody else find the new colors unreadable? - XDTalk Forums ...
By Philadelphia
Bushy AR15 M4-gery codename: RoadRunner. Vizsla Female codename: Traveler German Shorthaired Pointer codename: Hunter AK47: Romy G/NDS3, 7.62x39 codename: Hammer Ruger 10/22 SS All weather codename: Elmer Fudd ...
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Rock River Arms Complete AR15 Rifle Kit $605 Calgunsnet
Rock River Arms Complete AR-15 Rifle Kit - $605 Commercial Sales & Good Deals.


BCM AR15 M16 A2 Rifle Stock Kit
BCM AR15 M16 A2 Rifle Stock Kit These stocks will fit on any standard AR lower receiver.