AR-15 bolt carriers and Articles for AR-15 Rifles 01/03/2010

January 03, 2010

Del Ton opinions wanted
By das
Since Im new please forgive me if this has been asked before. I have a Stag AR 15 and its a good rifle. Now im building one I have the lower complete.
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WTB! AR15 stuff - Semiauto Rifles
By Mean Redneck
Who has some good AR stuff for sale. Or suggest where to buy new stuff at a good price. What has cheaper ammo, AR15 or AK 47? Need suggestions on.


Tent Trash: AK-47 OR AR-15?
By Mr. Tent Trash
The barrels of AK-47's get pitted and degrade the accuracy of the rifle pretty fast when using low-quality ammunition or in dirty conditions. The AR-15, if maintained does not suffer from the degradation in accuracy nearly as rapidly as ...


UtahConcealedCarry.Com • View topic - AR-15 for a new guy
By kalobg
AR-15 for a new guy. Post by Crabby_Daddy on Sat 02 Jan 2010 4:27 pm. So I am really liking the AR platform. That thing just looks so fun, but pricey. I know that their are some AR owners and fans on this forum, so here is my question. ...
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