AR-15 bolt carriers and Articles for January 09, 2010

January 09, 2010

YouTube - How the AR 15 Functions
Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, uses a cutaway of an AR series rifle to demonstrate what happens when the gun is fired.


Configuring an AR-15 « The Shooter's Log
If you can't decide whether to go with a flat top upper or a carry handle upper, you can always split the difference and get a AR-15 Mako detachable carry ...


KNS Push Button AR-15 takedown/pivot pins? - Maryland Shooters
By erwos
KNS Push Button AR-15 takedown/pivot pins? Industry Partners.
Maryland Shooters -


PREBAN AR-15 MAGS!!!! (Lots) - NY Firearms
By Allstar Tactical
PRE-BAN AR-15 MAGAZINES!!!!! We have Orlite Pre-Ban AR-15 30 round magazines coming in a couple days! These are used Israeli military magazines, and.
NY Firearms -


AR-15 / .223 caliber rifle Flash Enhancers - Maryland Shooters
We had a few thousand AR-15 / .223 caliber rifle "Flash Enhancers" made up last year. If your not familiar with what a flash enhancer does, google it, ...