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January 16, 2010

Trying to Purchase a AR-15!!!!!!!? - Yahoo! Answers
Jan 15, 2010 ... I live in Virginia and I would like to buy a AR-15, but I don't know what I ... You will need to have someone with an FFL (Federal Firearms License) agree to ...


Gun Control, Fiat Money – National Security?
By Paul Martin
...assault weapons ban” and in exchange got its popular “Mini-14″ rifle deleted from the BATF “hit list” of “prohibited assault rifles” while Colt Industries' equally popular competing product, the similar “AR-15,” stayed on the list. ...


AR questions - XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m) Information Source!
By Captain Jack
3 - AR15s are derivatives of the original AR15/M16 rifles. The most common caliber is 5.56mm/.223 cal. AR10 refers to one specific AR style rifle in 7.62/.308 built by Armalite. While some parts such as stocks and sights will exchange, ...
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Rifle training Marines Vs Army - AR15.COM
Rifle training Marines Vs Army - AR15.COM. ... Posted Via AR15.Com Mobile. No thanks. I rather hear the good stories. ...


Ar-15 Dedicated 9Mm Conversion Block
By Adam
Learn more about Ar-15 Dedicated 9Mm Conversion Block by visiting our website.
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NSFW AR15 picture « Ry's Blog
By Ry Jones
NSFW AR15 picture. 15 January 2010. I'll never look at a front sight tower the same way again. It's like seeing the arrow in the FedEx logo, you can't unsee it. I'll be in my bunk, cleaning my gun. ...
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