AR-15 bolt carriers and Articles for AR-15 Rifles 01/31/2010

January 31, 2010

Selecting Guns For the Bug-Out Bag
By MD Creekmore
My first choice for protection against such large game would be a centerfire rifle chambered for 30.06 or larger. My second choice would be a magnum revolver with a 5.5" to 7.5" barrel chambered for .44 Magnum or larger. ... An AR-15 with collapsible buttstock or folding stocked AK could help get you out of a dangerous situation. What are your thoughts or choices for bug-out firearms? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. ...



Second Amendment gun enthusiast
By NS145
Among numerous items in the basement were an Aris handle for an AR-15 assault rifle, multiple bullets, assault clips, shotgun shells and a box containing seven bottles of black powder. Also, four targets used on the back door, ...
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Wilson Combat Ar-15/M16 Stripped Flattop Upper Receiver Review
By Adam
Review of the Wilson Combat Ar-15/M16 Stripped Flattop Upper Receiver.
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Police Shoot "Suicidal Man" On NE Sandy
The Portland Mercury (blog)
Note the following phrase: "The lethal cover officer fired his AR-15 rifle in response to perceived threatening actions. The actions of the man that was ...


Surviving Economic Collapse: Tips, Tactics, And Gear
By Contributing Author
For serious gunners, the FN SCAR is “sort of, kind of” an AR-15 variant, which supposedly is VERY reliable direct impingement assault rifle - but they run over $2000. One thing I might “disagree” with - Giordano lists the low-end price ...
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