Dissipator Rifle Kit
Dissipator Rifle AR-15 M-16 kit

Dissipator Rifle Kit

AR-15 M-16 Dissipator rifle Kit

The 16” Dissipator barrel is designed to mount rifle length A-2 hand guards, which
gives you a greater range of control over your CAR length rifle. It also has the
added benefit of having a full site radius, which means a greater level of accuracy!
It’s mounted on an aircraft quality aluminum Mil-Spec upper, and comes with your
choice of A-2 Buttstock or DS-4 stock, and your choice of A-2 or Flat-top upper.

This AR-15 Rifle kit is headspaced, and ready to mount to your lower receiver.  Once you have an assembled lower with the parts provided in the kit, and mount the upper,  this is an operational firearm 5.56mm.

Dissipator AR-15 Flat top Rifle Kit

Dissipator Rifle AR-15 Kit Flat Top