AR-15 Rifle news for 02/25/2010

Febuary 25, 2010

Wanted Preban AR15 - NY Firearms
By Diehard
Looking for the FF: AR Magazines: (4) preban 30 rounder USGI external date stamped on the body AR15 (4) preban 30 rounder thermold date stamped AR15.
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[Want To Sell/Trade] Armalite AR15 $700 NEPA
By Wancsta
Armalite M15A4 In good shape a few minor nicks but never a failure since new. I am firm on the price but will consider a partial trade for a kt.
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-15's for Sale Mid-Length & Carbine Wt. Scope & A2 Handle ...
AR-15's for Sale Mid-Length & Carbine Wt. Scope & A2 Handle. This is a Hunting for Sale. This Hunting for Sale is located in Great Neck.


AR-15/M16 CAT M4TOOL - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm ...
AR-15/M16 CAT M4TOOL. Mfr: n/a; Price: $39.95; Compact, Multi-Tool Helps Keep Bolt/Carrier Group Functioning Smoothly. Compact, easy to carry pocket tool ...


Fair shot at protection: what NY troopers need
New York Post
We need to be frugal, and, more to the point, our state troopers need rifles they can rely on. No AR-15 pattern rifle ever made meets that standard. ...


ArmaLite AR15 Cut Away Rifle Video (press release) (blog)
Geneseo, IL - -( Time for a detailed video look at the inside guts of an ArmaLite Ar15 black rifle with our speicail prupose cutaway rifle. ...



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Spud Gun n Taters (127 rounds no French Fries) Pea shooter n spitwads (1 FTF and 1 Squib) Rocks (671 rounds no FTF or FTE) BB Gun (Lost count of rounds 17 FTF no FTE) Phase Pistol (376 pulses of flawless performance) Plasma Rifle (381 discharges. No Survivors) ... AR-15, MP5, HK91, Springfield 1911-A1 Custom, Springfield Champions, Kimber Pro Carry II, XD45c w/barrel, sights, trigger, etc, Remmy 700, Mossberg 500 Cruiser for things that go bump ... Digg this Post! ...
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Good price on LPK's at Midway.
By russ
Thread, Thread Starter, Firearms Forum, Replies, Last Post. Midway FEB. Sale, slowryde45, AR-15 Discussion, 3, 01-31-2010 08:03 AM. midway has small pistol primers! tiberius10721, Ammunition & Reloading, 2, 12-24-2009 12:48 PM ... Midlengths, M4's, DPMS LPK's $60, Wolf 7.62X39,, Vendor Display, 0, 07-21-2009 08:16 PM. Midway USA sale, slowryde45, AR-15 Discussion, 0, 11-26-2008 02:49 PM. Help with old gun price, ArcticCat843, General Rifle Discussion ...
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