AR-15 Rifle news for 02/28/2010

Febuary 28, 2010

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By pullbangdead
I just have a handgun. A Springfield XD9 (9mm). Been really wanting a rifle of some kind, though. Possibly an AR15 or something. I like those MP5 clones by GSG that shoot .22LR too, which would be fun for target shooting. ...
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Trading Post: Smith and Wesson AR15
Smith and Wesson AR15: Smith & Wesson has steadily taken over as the leader in US Made Handguns since the 1970s. With their M&P Series Rifles, the Company has taken lead in the AR type rifle market as well. Here is a specimen of their ...
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AR15 Sling - PNW Guns
By DerBarbarian
Hey guy's wondering if anyone can reccomend a good and cheap sling for my AR. It has the standard swivels one in the stock and one up front. I bought.
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Winning by losing in gun control case
Cape Cod Times
17, 2009 picture, a demonstrator who supports the US Constitution's Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, carries an AR-15 rifle during an Obama ...

Tim's World ยป Ever Wonder If Obama (and other Dems) Want to Tell ...
By dracphelan
The AR15 is now one of the most common rifles in the USA. Part of the Heller decision was that firearms in common use can not be banned. Thus, this would fail the test. The same can probably said for other firearms they seek to ban. ... The only other thing I can think they are referring to is rifle ammunition. Except for SWAT teams, police officers generally don't wear body armor that can stop rifle ammunition. The reason is simple, it is extremely unlikely that a street ...