AR-15 Rifle news for 03/05/2010

March 05, 2010

Police: Mercado bought rifles before killing Southington resident
New Britain Herald
Mercado also owned a .223 caliber Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle that was displayed on a bookcase in his room. The gun has not been linked to the murder. ...


Live by the gun, die by the gun
PSU Daily Vanguard
Officer Ronald Frashour, the AR15-trained marksmen who killed Campbell, said he didn't know what Campbell was saying, but it was “aggressive and hostile and ...


Tampa Tribune
Swartz fired two rounds from his department-issued AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle, deputies said. A neighbor later arrived at the scene and took custody of ...


NcStar AR15 Quad Rail System 6.5 Inches MAR4S | Gun Scopes
By Mike
NcStar AR-15 Quad Rail System 6.5 Inches (MAR4S) Specifications Here at NcSTAR, We are continuously expanding our line of AR-15 Accessories. The request for an NcSTAR multi-rail handguard set has been so overwhelming that we couldnt ...
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Ammo question... - PNW Guns
By James
God, I hope this isnt like 'Tires and Oil', on another popular Forum. I have been shooting Remington UMC .223 55gr out of an Olympic Arms AR-15. I.
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80% AR-15 Lower Receiver V.S. Airsoft Lower Receiver – Is there a ...
By Admin (Mike)
By that rationale, if you buy an airsoft gun that “Needs Machining” to complete its transformation to fit an AR-15 lower parts kit, is it not only considered a firearm once you complete it? If you cannot drop a lower parts kit in those ...
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By RUDY850
Cant find much information on these stripped lowers Anyone have any information on this brand lower Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Associati... -