AR-15 Rifle news for 03/06/2010

March 06, 2010

[Want To Sell] Custom built AR15(middy)
By lakeguy
It does have a few rub/wear marks on the bottom of the barrel. Spikes lower. CTR stock, ASP plate, B .A.D. lever , and AFG DOES NOT INCLUDE SUREFIRE G2 AND VLTOR MOUNT. Will sell complete rifle for $875shipped or 850 FTF. ...
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Borderland Beat: AnĂ¡huac Becomes a War Zone, Ten Killed
"Each one of them was carrying a weapon, one was carrying a "cuerno de chivo" AK-47 and the other had an AR-15. They had in their possession between 400 and 500 rounds for the AR-15 and "cuerno de chivo." ...
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Newbie here - NY Firearms
By deanathpc
Hello All! I just found this board today believe it or not! I can't believe I haven't run across it before! Building my own AR-15 finally. You can.
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