AR-15 Rifle news for 03/08/2010

March 08, 2010

Why does my AR15 shoot better than my Remington 700P? - XDTalk ...
By Achped
I still can't figure this out, I don't know if its my trigger control or what. Maybe even flinching at the .308? I have no idea why I can get 1"
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For Sale Complete AR15 Mega Billet Lower Bravo Upper - NY Firearms
By bootlegcivic
I have just over $1950 into the rifle including the pre-ban magazines. If anyone is interested I'm open to offers. I've only put about 25 rounds.
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Up North Sport Rifle Journal: Coyote Hunt, Or Was Something ...
By Mike Adams
I could hardly wait to see a coyote appear so I could take a crack at him with the AR-15! We waited and waited, but nothing showed itself. We only saw two crows circling over head as we waited patiently. After waiting a half hour after ...
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SayUncle » Three!
By SayUncle
For a rifle, I use duel rifles despite the weight, I like my 300WMG for long range and varying with situation and opertunity, either an AR(which I built the way I wanted) or my AK which I customized for a comphromise between CQB adaptation and ... 2) Mossberg 590 tactical. It's all black, holds 3″ Magnums, and is the AK of shotguns. A good world's end gun. 3) A Fulton Armory AR15 lower that I still need to get an upper, barrel, and accessories for. Big hole in my arsenal. ...