AR-15 Rifle news for 03/09/2010

March 09, 2010

Arma Lite's AR-24 « Dick Williams
By Dick Williams
First, the guns are offered by ArmaLite, creator of the AR-15 rifle. Second, I had heard good things about the quality firearms coming from Turkey but had yet to get a close look at any of them. The AR-24 pistols are manufactured by ...
Dick Williams 


M4, ar-15,.m-16?
By Uchahi
First, the AR-15 is actually a brand name. It usually denotes the full sized rifle. The military caliber is 5.56mm, which is SIMILAR to, but not the same as .223. You can shoot .223 in a 5.56, but shooting 5.56 in a .223 MAY give high ...
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Meth trafficker pleads guilty, government asks for 20 years
Rome News Tribune
... including a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle, from Bagwell in the Floyd County area, ... Bagwell sold the undercover informant a .22-caliber Pietta rifle ...


Sheridan: Colt rifle to be raffled during Veterans Memorial Park fundraiser
11, win a Colt AR-15 .223 Caliber H-Bar Rifle. During the first three years, the Veterans Memorial Park Committee raised approximately $31800 — money that ...



Preachers and Horse Thieves: Constipation of the Word Processor
By K. Erickson
AR-15 or M4. I'm not picky about the maker. I have shot the Rock River Arms version and had no complaints. I know I have absolutely no need for one of these, but I don't care. I just want one. 6. A really nice .30-06 or .300 Win Mag rifle. This is another area where I have not yet decided which one to go with. I have shot the Remington Model 700 Sendero in .308 and liked it real nice. I have heard others speak kindly of the Weatherby brand. I hear some good stuff about ...