AR-15 Rifle news for 03/11/2010

March 11, 2010

Baker seeks AG's opinion
... all five Baker schools should be involved. “But what if little Johnny's daddy walks in, and he's upset and he's got an AR-15?” Knaps replied.


Borderland Beat: Pictures of Shootout in Anahuac
The male next to an AR-15. What I find rare on this photo is that I would think that someone would have moved that rifle away from his hand until they knew for certain that the sicario was dead. Unless they placed it back for the ...
Borderland Beat -


AR 15 kits. - Page 2 -
Anyways, welcome to the "club" If you're interested, a few vendors sell the " kits" minus the stripped lower, as previously stated. You're retro-build sounds ... CLASSIFIEDS - Casualty Response Kits
My team got blessed with these brand new still sealed and with tags, casualty kits from North American Rescue products. They have everything you need to ...

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AR 15 Charging handles? - Yahoo! Answers I have a SW mp 15 version of the AR 15. I love the gun but I am not the biggest fan of the way that the charging ...