AR-15 Rifle news for 03/18/2010

March 18, 2010

[Want To Sell] AR15 lower complete Stag
By papagary61
I posted a few days, but can't figure out how to add pictures. This is unfired everything is stock. It is the complete lower receiver including the.
Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Associati... -


First AR-15 Build - Tennessee Gun Owners
By dubya3488
I'm looking at building an AR-15 in the future, and was hoping to get some help. I've picked out some parts, and I know I'm missing something, but I'm.


Guardsman stole $13K in border-fence scrap
... cowboy boots, a .45-caliber handgun, an AR-15 rifle and a variety of tools, according to a press release from the US attorney's office in Arizona. ...


Curtis Adams brings magic, and more, to Columbia Theatre
Longview Daily News
"I catch a bullet from an AR-15 machine gun," Adams asserted cheerfully. It's more than a razzle-dazzle trick for a magician who bills his act as ...


Daily Democrat reporter finds out exactly how hard it is to become a member of ...
Daily Democrat
... the CHP SWAT team went about their target practice with AR-15-style assault rifles. Their ammunition: 5.56x45 mm rifle cartridges; mine: a laser beam. ...


Is Orthodox Jewish gun dealer Bill Bernstein an obnoxious right-wing agitator ...
Nashville Scene
The two men, who've wandered off to indulge their mutual love of AR-15 assault rifles, have become unlikely friends. The German is filmmaker Gandulf Hennig, ...