AR-15 Rifle news for 04/19/2010

April 19, 2010

SpikeTV AK47 vs. AR15 Vanity
The Ar15 is semi-automatic. The AK47 is full auto. There is no comparison. for accuracy the m16 (full auto version of ar15/m16 on full auto) blows the ak47 ...

Colt AR-15 flash hider
By dkmagsfan
I was wondering if anyone knows the thread size for a colt ar-15/ m-16 flash hider or muzzle brake on a factory barrel?

KEL-TEC PLR dirty ammo | Zen-Dragon
My Glock 22 loves Wolf ammo and so does my Bushy AR15. Kel-Tecs are pieces of shit and guns with safeties should be boycotted. Tyson200422 on April 19th, 2010 12:22 am. I hate wolf, and ammo is in short supply so if someone wants to buy ...

[Want To Buy] Stock Front AR15 Sight
By nofear1911
look for a for my bushmaster ar15,if you can let me know how much shipped to allenwood,pa 17810 thanks.

WTS: Sabre Defence Industries Complete AR-15 Upper Receiver (18 ...For sale is a brand new Sabre Defence Industries complete AR-15 upper receiver ( 5.56mm). This upper retails for $800 (scroll to bottom). ...


Trade AR-15 for Trailer - Texas Fishing Forum
I just bought another AR-15 so I am looking to trade this one for a flat bed trailer. Newer mfg date "good shape". When I say good shape I mean tires , wood ...


Magwell grips on AR-15 pistols? - TheHighRoad.US
By nwilliams
The customer was asking the clerk about AR-15 pistols and as the conversation progressed the customer asked about putting a vertical grip on the front. The clerk said that was illegal, however he then walks over to a rack on the wall ...


[Want To Sell] AR15 A2 butt kit/Glock 21 KKM Barrel
I have the following for sale: 1. An Armalite AR15A2 standard butt kit (stock, spring, buffer, and tube) like new, for $60.00. 2. A KKM custom drop-in.