AR-15 Rifle news for 05/09/2010

May 09, 2010

Does the AR15 rifle come in the 243 Winchester deer load Yahoo Answers
No but you can get AR10 type rifles in243 The243 is based on the308 and is too long to fit in the AR15. Goes to the DPMS website and have a look at an AR10 type ...


Review of my S&W 15-22.
By LifeInPa
This is my review of the S&W 15-22, which is based on the AR-15 but it fires .22 LR cartridges. I bought this rifle back in October 2009, it's the.


AR15 Bolt carrier staking
By NightRocker
ar15 bolt carrier staking -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there anyone around or near York Co.


Does anyone know if the S&W M&P AR 15-22 magazines will work with ...
I currently use BDM magazines with my CMMG convers…