M-4 Military style rifle kit
M-4 Military style Rifle kit.

AR-15 M-4 style 16" Rifle kit

16” A R M - 4 Military style M-4 Carbine rifle Kit

A R M -4 Barrel, chrome moly steel, 1x9 twist barrel mounted on A-2 (pictured) or flat-top upper. Comes standard with our Military M -4 style hand guards, 6 position ARM -4 stock, and A-2 flash-hider.

 This AR-15 Rifle kit is headspaced, and ready to mount to your lower receiver.  Once you have an assembled lower with the parts provided in the kit, and mount the upper,  this is an operational firearm 5.56 NATO. Carrier is chrome lined, made from Carpenter 158 steel, and coated per mil spec. Carrier key is chrome lined and stake per mil spec

ALL ARM-4 kits come with M-4 Feed Ramp Extension and M-4 feed ramp upper receiver.

ARM-4 Rifle Kit

ARM-4 Military style rifle kit.