AR15 November 02, 2010

AR15 November 02, 2010

[Want To Sell/Trade] New in box AR-15 223 cal plus mags
By Neecco
I purchased this AR-15 223 cal and have not fired it, this is a Double Star AR-15, new in the box, I brought the removeable carry handle and two.
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OK folks, stay away from Rifle-Broker/AR15-Broker...bad experience with them, finally got the YHM-7810 upper I ordered 17 days after I ordered it. ...


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Would it be a good idea to use .223 on coyote?And …


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Personal comparison, having used and laid hands on both Noveske's AR-15s/AR-10s are better performers and have better fit/finish/quality components than ...


How to clear a serious AR-15 jam? - Yahoo! Answers
I was shooting my AR-15 at the range the other day and after shooting about ... Try hitting it with **** and adding more lube. If worse comes to worse, ...


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Barska 30Mm Red Dot Rifle Scope AC10328 - AR 15
By Joe
The AR-15 Carbine rifle is one of the most popular tactical rifle platforms ever designed, we continue to develop new scopes and accessories that are field tested to the highest standards. AR15 Scope reviews, Buy AR 15 Scopes at ...
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