AR-15 Parts November 07, 2010

AR-15 Parts November 07, 2010

New Rifle from The Sharps Rifle Company - Page 1 - AR15.COM
Sharps Rifle Company is releasing a new rifle in time for Shot Show ... For mounting options, the rifle features a detachable free-floating Quad-Picatinny ...

[Want To Sell] S&W MP 15 AR 15 w/ extras
By frankie
SW MP15 AR15 in immaculate condition. At the most only 200 rounds through it. Comes with 4 30 round mags, the box it came in when new, Cmore CTAC.
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For Sale Custom AR15 - NY Firearms
By bootlegcivic
Larue Quad Rail PWS 5.56 Comp Magpul MBUS Bill Springfield trigger 3lb pull Mega Billet Lower BCM Upper $1650 W/O Eotech + Light + Mags + Ammo.
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Impact-resistant molded polymer vertical grip clamps securely to any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny forend rail to help you control recoil and point the rifle ...


Spare AR-15
By bkt
It's not certain yet, but I think a friend is going to give me/sell cheap an AR-15. I'm soliciting suggestions on what to do with it. Getting a new.
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Need help with AR 15 barrel mount on upper receiver
By aschwabe
I have all the parts, but I have none of the tools. What I don't have is a vice, upper receiver action block. I have the armorer's wrench and moly.
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My AR-15's
By JonM
from top to bottom: colt SP1 bought it NIB back in 1985 with scope from a tiny little gunstore in my home town. it was my very first centerfire rifle.
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