AR-15 kits for May 2011

AR-15 kits for May 2011

AR-15 kits for May 2011

AR-15 Rifle Widely Used

The AR-15 rifle was introduced into military service in the early 1960s as a fully automatic version dubbed the M-16. Millions of citizens who served in 


Targeting "Assault Weapons" Again

The complaint says the maker and sellers of the AR-15 used by Adam Lanza should have to pay damages because in putting it on the market, they
Phoenix Cop Shoots, Kills Army Soldier
Meanwhile, a Phoenix police officer armed with the AR-15, along with a police sergeant, were deployed behind a truck a few houses down
Heizer Defense 'Pocket AR' now shipping
Heizer Defense will be following the .223 model with an even bigger .308 Winchester “Pocket Sniper.” For those who think it's a good waste of AR-10
Man Taken Into Custody Peacefully After Firing Assault Rifle In North Philadelphia
MyFox Philadelphia
SkyFox was over the scene Wednesday afternoon, after an AR-15 rifle was ... That's when Berg says he heard roughly 10 to 15 gunshots shots fired