AR-15 kits for April 2012

AR-15 kits for April 2012

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Halt these two QC police initiatives

What is wrong with us? East Moline is approving purchase of more AR-15 rifles, but even worse, officers may purchase them for their own use.


Connecticut Paper: Sue One Gun Company, Sue Them All

Written by managing editor Chris Powell, the JI column shows this is so because “the lawsuit's theory”—that the AR-15 “has little utility for legitimate 
New York Mayor Fears Feckless Sandy Hook Lawsuit Will Ruin Local Economy
AR-15s are the most common rifle sold in the United States, and on the points of the lawsuit, indistinguishable from any magazine-fed semi-automatic
UNH Student Who Brought Guns To Campus Sentenced To 2 Years
Inside his vehicle, police found another handgun and an AR-15 rifle — one of the firearms used by Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza. Police also 
Post-Vietnam popularity spurred Bushmaster's success
Military veterans and the gun-buying public were fascinated with the AR-15, the civilian version of the M-16 that was standard-issue in the Vietnam