AR15 Parts for November 07, 2014

AR15 barrel Parts for November 07, 2014

AR15 Parts for November 07, 2014

Fort Collins PD arrest second man in AR-15 thefts from patrol cars

The Denver Post
Police in Fort Collins on Wednesday arrested a second man in connection with the theft of two AR-15 rifles taken from patrol cars last month.


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... turn your semi-auto AR-15 into a simulated machinegun for $99.99! ATF approved Bump Fire Systems stock for AR-15 rifles allows you to get the
Elf and safety row: Firearms company forced to drop 'Winter Wonderland' commercial featuring Will ...
... worldwide, on a flyer for a 'Build-n-AR' event in December, where customers are taught to build and then take home an AR-15 rifle for $895.
No charges for open-carry activist who toted AR-15 rifle at Arizona airport
“This was a peaceful protest about the fact that we have a Second Amendment right to bear arms and peacefully carry around an AR-15,” Steinmetz ...
Attackers armed with rifle, AR-15 try to break into home, Daytona Beach police say
Surveillance video also showed two other masked men who were waiting downstairs, armed with what police said was a rifle and an AR 15.
Colt announces new MARC 901 series of .308 rifles
MARC — Modular AR Carbines — 901 rifles also can be converted from .308 to 5.56 NATO with an magwell adapter and standard AR-15 upper ...