AR-15 Parts June 01, 2015

AR-15 rifle Part June 01, 2015

AR-15 Parts June 01, 2015

Deputies investigate shots fired from AR-15 in Bonita Springs

NBC2 News
The report indicates deputies completed a safety sweep of the home and found a CMMG AR-15 in the bedroom, the barrel still hot from being fired


Man shot by deputy after fight over officer's AR-15

A parolee is in the hospital after a Faulkner County Sheriff's Deputy shot him during a struggle over an officer's AR-15 rifle. The suspect, John Paul ...


Lindsey Graham Tweeted "Sorry, Lindsay Lohan" About His Newfound Fame & It Was Pretty Much ...

... weapons at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting by describing a Mad Max-type world in which families would be safer armed with AR-15s


North Brookfield man allegedly pointed assault rifle at teens

Worcester Telegram
"At this point, Mark got mad and pulled out his AR-15 and pointed it at the kids laying down in the room," a police report from Officer Darren Dodge ...
I Made an Untraceable AR-15 'Ghost Gun' in My Office—And It Was Easy
Still, I made a fully metal, functional, and accurate AR-15. To be specific, I made the rifle's lower receiver; that's the body of the gun, the only part that ...