AR-15 kits for January 15, 2017

AR-15 buttstock kits for January 15, 2017

AR-15 kits for January 15, 2017

Washington's top cop pushes bill that would ban 'assault weapons'

The suspected shooter, 19-year-old Allen Christopher Ivanov, legally bought an AR-15 a week before the shooting, according to the Seattle Times.

Building a patrol rifle? Beware the 'Frankengun'

Police News

One of the greatest things about the AR-15 is the rifle's ability to adapt and change. A different buttstock, a new pistol grip, different handguards, a new ...

Mukilteo shooter: 'I wish they never sold me a firearm'

Ivanov, 20, shot and killed three people, and wounded a fourth on July 30, 2016 — shortly after purchasing an AR-15 rifle. He was angry over his.