AR-15 kits for July 06, 2011

AR-15 kits for July 06, 2011

AR-15 kits for July 06, 20

Second and Final Firearms Safety and Outdoor Skills Program Begins ...
Students will shoot .22 caliber pistols, .22 rifles, AR 15 and M 16 automatic weapons, black powder rifles, 20 gauge shotguns shooting at sporting clays and ...

Learning to Love the AR-15 - West Virginia Outdoors News
Another of the AR-15's I fired had a fixed stock. It had a more traditional feel if you prefer. People have always referred to the 30-30 or other lever ..

M3 Report: more headless bodies courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels
Tucson Citizen
Casings were found at the scene from both AR 15 and Ak 47 rifles. (Note bullet holes.) The state attorney general confirmed that this past week an armed ...

The Shooters Corner - Building the Perfect AR-15 - POST SCRIPTS
ar15DSC08197.jpg Is there any such thing as the perfect AR-15? If there isn't I think I have at least found the combination that comes real close. ...

Magpul Modifications for AR-15 Bushmaster | Gun Holsters Blog
Rifle modifications... everybody loves them. One gun enthusiast shared his latest Magpul conversion with us here at the Gun Holsters Blog.