AR-15 kits for April 01, 2012

AR-15 kits for April 01, 2012

What's the point of AR-15 pistols? - THR
What possible benefit is this? Why does it even exist? An AR-15 is a rifle and has no business ...

Help with AR15 barrel change?
Hello! I need some help switching the barrel of one of my AR uppers to a new receiver. I'm switching from a fixed CH to a flat top. I'm having trouble.

AR-15 Stripped lower $65 F/S -
"Don't Blame Me I Voted for the US Citizen" Unemployment Rate = 8.3% U6 Unemployment 14.9% PROUD & LEGAL AMERICAN FROM THE LIVE FREE OR ...

Florida funeral home shooting: 2 dead, at least 12 injured (blog)
Compare an AR15 and a Ruger mini14, their available accessories and their specifications and tell me why one is an "assault weapon" and one is a "sporting rifle", its all semantics by politicians. When they find these guys ask them for their permits ...

Planning Commission Demands Awesomeness Documentation – April 1, 2012
Arcata Eye
Outside on A Street, a 40-foot-tall AR-15 assault rifle replica would slowly rotate on a pedestal, rivaling Pierson's “big hammer” and the McKinleyville Shopping Center's Totem Pole in grandeur. The CUP app was deemed “insufficient” by planning staff ...
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Johnston blocked the robber from the getaway vehicle -- where police would later find other firearms, including an AR-15 assault rifle -- held his position and returned fire. And fired. And fired. He hit the center of the robber's body,


Del-Ton, Inc.: AR-15 stocks: What do I Have-What should I Get?
An easy way to upgrade a basic AR-15 is to select a stock that will enhance the weapon's usability and performance. In this post, we will explain the basic


Windham SRC AR-15 Innards Pictures - XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m ...
Bored at the house... Decided to upload some pictures of the innards of my new AR-15 in case anyone was interested to see. It is a Windham AR-15